94224 Wypall X60 Quarter Fold Wipers

WYPALL* X60 Wipers are versatile, offering a balance between performance and value. They combine softness and absorbency, making them ideal for personal wiping. WYPALL* X60 Wipers are perfect for tasks that require disposability without sacrificing performance.

The quarterfold pack is polywrapped to protect unused product from contamination. A port at the top enables easy dispensing.

Typical Uses :

. Applying thinners and solvents
. Cable lubricant removal
. Adhesive cleaning
. Removing grease and oil in thight areas
. Autoclaved for Healthcare applications
. Wiping surfaces
. Absorbing spills
. General cleaning


94224 Wypall X60 Quarter Fold Wiper

Packaging : 8 bands x 100sheets

Colour : White

Sheet Size :  28cm x 35 cm