UV Skin Protection Cream

UVA | UVB | UVC | SPF50+

Where to use: Outdoor workers exposed to UVA & UVB sun rays; workers exposed to UVC rays from some industrial processes (e.g. welding – use with PPE) in need of UV Skin Protection Cream

  • High sun protection factor of 50 – SPF 50 provides 50 times the skin’s normal protection against the sun’s UVB rays
  • UVC protection – protects from UVC rays created artificially during some industrial processes e.g. welding
  • Passed Lineman’s glove testing – safe to be used by outdoor electricians wearing electrical insulating gloves
  • Water resistant formula – 4 hours water-resistant to withstand heavy perspiration of immersion in water
  • Quickly and easily absorbed – the UV skin protection cream encourages regular use and does not affect dexterity with hand held tools
  • Perfume-free – helps reduce potential for allergic reaction and skin irritation; ideal for people sensitive to fragrances


SUN100ML  –  12 tubes x 100ml

SUN1L           –  6 cartridges x 1 litre

SUN1LDS      –  1 litre dispenser