Hand Cleaner for Grease Removal

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Solopol GFX is consistently called the best hand cleaner for grease removal by those who use it, and is cost effective due to the increased number of hand washes you obtain compared to other hand cleaner formats. Solopol GFX’s mild formula means your hands won’t dry out or become irritated, but grease will be instantly removed.

Where to use: For use in industrial environments to remove medium to heavy soiling

  • High efficiency in use – unique foam format delivers optimum amount required for an effective hand wash, providing up to 42% more hand washes per liter compared to traditional hand cleaners
  • Economic advantage– get nearly twice as many washes compared to common 2L formats
  • Better cleaning power – out cleans traditional heavy duty cleaners while using half as much product
  • Feels better after use – no skin damaging ingredients like petroleum distillates or pumice means your hands don’t feel dry, rough or cracked after use
  • Environmentally responsible – Solopol® GFX™ is the ONLY heavy duty hand cleaner to have USDA BioPreferred, UL EcoLogo and Green Seal certifications.
  • Preferred by 9 out of 10 workers!
  • Unique patented foaming technology – transforms heavy duty hand cleaning liquid into a rich-cream foam that washes away quickly and completely
  • Contains cornmeal and olive pit scrubbing agents – natural, non-abrasive and biodegradable. Won’t clog drains!
  • Mild formula – clinical TEWL tests show that after repeated, daily use the hands remain in healthy condition
  • Contains Glycerin – a skin moisturizer to help improve skin hydration and prevent drying, leaving the skin feeling smooth and firm after use
  • No Silicone
  • Made in the U.S.A


GPF3L         –   4 cartridges x 3.25 litre

GPF3BLK   –  3.25 litre dispenser