Scott HBT system

High capacity, high quality interfolded tissue dispenser. One-at-a time dispensing reduces waste compared to standard rolls. Helps maximize hygiene and control contamination by delivering a fresh sheet every time. No-touch dispenser is fully enclosed to protect against airborne germs, splashes and other contaminants.

One-at-a-time, SCOTT hygienic system reduces maintenance time and helps to minimize the spread of germs.

Choose from 2-ply SCOTTĀ® Hygienic Bath Tissue. Clean and hygienic, each sheet is touched by just the user.


06392 – Scott Hygienic Bathroom Tissue 1 ply

Packaging : 45pkt x 460s

Sheet Size : 9.4cm X 21.8cm

06402 – Scott Hygienic Bathroom Tissue ,2 ply

Packaging : 75pkt x 300s

Sheet Size : 9.4cm X 21.8cm

Dispenser :

69460 Aquarius Dispenser Hygienic Bathroom Tissue

Size : 33.8(h)x16.99w)x12.3(d)