Kleenguard G80 13″ Nitrile Chemical Resistant Glove

Kleenguard G80 NITRILE Chemical Resistant Gloves

Packing : 5 bags x 12 pairs = 60 pairs/caseĀ 

Kleenguard G80 NITRILE* Chemical Resistant Gloves provide protection against acids, caustics, bases, solvents and other aqueous solutions. Product, quality and packaging improvements provide enhanced chemical resistance, improved durability and comfort, as well as environmentally improved packaging.

Modified Nitrile formulation for more durability and enhanced chemical resistance
Textured fingertips and palm for enhanced grip
Improved, more consistent cotton flock lining for added comfort
Improved AQL of 0.65 versus 1.5, resulting in fewer pinholes

Product Code:
94445 – Size 7
94446 – Size 8
94447 – Size 9
Color: Green