Kleenguard A20+ Breathable Antistatic Apparel

Kleenguard A20+ Breathable Antistatic Apparel
KLEENGUARD* A20+ coveralls are designed for short-life wear and provide maximum comfort and protection for tasks where safety and flexibility is key. Each coverall is supplied in a sealed clear polybag for protection which comes with concise user instructions. Made from durable SMS fabric with a specially designed hood, body, thumb loops and waist for comfort, safety and strength, these coveralls are the protection clothing of choice for industry professionals across the globe, providing PPE Category III protection and the following performance requirements: • Type 5 Particle protection • Type 6 Limited splash protection • EN1073-2 Radioactive dust • EN1149 Anti-static Ideal for working with hazardous substances; protecting against liquid, aerosol and dry chemical splashes, sprays, high-pressure jets, fibres and dusts in heavy industrial, maintenance, land clean-up, tank cleaning, paint preparation and petrochemical areas.
Kleenguard A20+ Breathable Antistatic Apparel
Packaging – 25 pieces
Colour – White
95160 – M
95170 – L
95180 – XL
95190 – XXL