Kleenex Bath Tissue Single Wrapped/Unwrapped

Kleenex® Bathroom Tissue Single Wrapped Clean Wave Design
• Your Employees and guests will notice that you care enough to provide the very best even in the washroom
• Kleenex® is the premium choice, offering your guests a comforting clean that uplifts & delights with 3 signs of Clean.

The new specially crafted CleanWaveTM design on each shell helps remove dirt for a thorough clean.

Woven with cotton extract. Kleenex® Bathroom Tissue provides a luxurious soft touch to feel comfortably clean.

With addition of Charcoal extract, which helps in absorbing odor, Kleenex® Bathroom Tissue an provide a feeling of confident clean.



Single wrapped

(05151) – Kleenex Cottonelle BT 220s – 12 bags x 10rolls x 220sheets, 2 ply  (old code)

(50910) – Kleenex Bath Tissue Single Wrapped 220s- Clean Weave Design (new code)

12 bags x 10rolls x 220sheets, 2 ply, Virgin Fibre



50920 – Kleenex Bath Tissue Unwrapped 220s – Clean Weave Design

12 bags x 10rolls x 220sheets, 2 ply, Virgin Fibre.