12552 Scott Pro General Luxury Foam Soap Cleanser

A premium quality foam hand cleanser suitable for most washrooms. Gives a rich lather and leaves your hand feeling clean, fresh and cared for.

– Mild, all-purpose moisturising skin cleanser

– Enrinched with emollients to protect skin from dryness irritation

– pH balanced resulting in healthy hands

– Pleasant Citrus Floral fragrance

– Ideal for public facilities including hospitality, office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, etc


(12552)  Kleenex General Luxury Foam Soap Cleanser  (old)

(12552) Scott Pro General Luxury Foam Soap Cleanser  (new)

Packaging : 6 cassettes x 1L

2500 shots per cassette

fragrance : Citrus Floral, Color : Light Pink



(69480)  Aquarius Dispenser Skincare 1000ml

(69550)  Aquarius Dispenser Skincare elbow operated 1000ml

Size : 23.5(h) x 11.6(w) x 11.4(d) cm