28100 Kleenex M-Fold Hand Towel (Airflex)

KLEENEX® Multi-Fold Hand Towel – Paper towels that are dispensed one at a time so they’re touched only by the user, dry your hands hygienically and effectively, and help reduce costs and waste. Ideal for: use in food preparation areas, office and hotel washrooms that have a high-quality image; providing a luxury feel; using with the AQUARIUS* Multi-Fold Hand Towel Dispenser; drying your hands quickly and comfortably with fewer towels, as they’re strong and highly absorbent without breaking up when wet. Available as: premium, ultra-soft and comfy, white hand towels that are made from strong, highly absorbent AIRFLEX* fabric.

28100 Kleenex M-Fold Hand Towel (Airflex)

packaging : 16 pkts  x 150s 

sheet size :24x23cm


70220 – Aquarius Dispenser Folded Towel – Single Clip

Size : 23.2(h) x 28.0(w) x 11.6(d)

70230 – Aquarius Dispenser Folded Towel – Double Clip

Size : 45.1(h) x 29.4(w) x 12.0(d)