1005 Scott Hand Roll Towel 305m (Airflex)

SCOTT® Hand Roll Towel – Hand towels on high-capacity rolls that control how much tissue you take and help cut costs and waste. Ideal for: food preperation areas and busy office and hotel washrooms; reducing waste, as hard rolls control the amount of towels you take; drying your hands quickly and comfortably with fewer towels, as they’re strong and highly absorbent without breaking up when wet; keeping costs and maintenance down, with good value per roll and less frequent refilling in high traffic areas; caring for the environment. Available as: 305m hard rolls of white, 1-ply hand towel that’s made from strong, highly absorbent AIRFLEX* fabric supplied in cost-saving ‘compressed’ packs.


1005 Scott Hand Roll Towel

Packaging – 6 rolls x 305m


69590 Aquarius Dispenser Hand Roll Towel (delisting soon, replaced by 07377)

Size : 43.0(h) x 32.6(w) x 24.1(d)cm

07377  Scott Dispenser Roll Towel

Size : 38.2(h) x 30.7(w) x 24.3(d) cm